Reliance Modal Ventura Develops Klik Tukang

Reliance Modal Ventura Develops Klik Tukang

INILAHCOM, Jakarta, PT Reliance Modal Ventura (RMV) cooperates with new startup company, PT Klik Beres Semua (Klik Tukang).

President Director of RMV, Iman Pribadi said that the partnership contistutes Reliance Group’s support towards technology-based startup company–as recommended by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

Reliance has commited to participate in the development of Indonesian creative industry in order to compete globally, said Iman, Jakarta, Thursday (6/16/2016).

Klik Tukang is a mobile application made by Indonesian, which main function is to connect repair service industries/handymen with their customers. The reparation services consist of AC repair and maintenance, electrical repair and maintenance, plumbing, locksmith and appliances.

As of today, Klik Tukang can be downloaded via Apple Store (for IOS) and Google Play Store (for Android). Astrid Wibisono, the CEO of Klik Tukang, declared that Klik Tukang was completely developed by Indonesian to answer the people needs of quick repair services.

Astrid further explained that Klik Tukang also works as liaison between people who in needs for repair services and the handymen/company that provides the services.

“Every handymen that cooperates with Klik Tukang is verified periodically. We also gives training services to our fellow handyman workers to maintain full customer satisfaction,” said Astrid.[jin]


Published on Thursday, June 17 2016 | 00:30

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