Non-Inverter AC & Inverter AC

Having Trouble Choosing Air Conditioner?

Ever heard of Plasmacluster AC? Hybrid? How about Inverter Air Conditioner?

Technology has advanced, the type of air conditioner increase over time. Even a simple thing like : choosing the best air conditioner for our household could make us overwhelmed. One brand promised electricity-saving air conditioner, another brand claimed for the most durable air conditioning machine in the market, nearly dozens of brands labeled their product as the most cost-effective. Now here’s the question : how to decide the best air conditioner for our needs?

The first and likely the best step to take is to understand a little more about the technology behind all of those overwhelming AC types. This post would briefly discuss two variants of air conditioner which we often hear : Non-Inverter AC and Inverter AC.

What is Non-Inverter AC?

Non-Inverter AC is standard AC. Before Inverter AC was created, there was this air-cooling technology that made to maintain the room temperature at certain condition. For instance, a customer wants the air temperature remained at 25 degrees Celcius, then the non-inverter AC would turn on and shut off periodically to keep the temperature at that exact number. This standard air conditioning technology proven to be quite wasteful and less economical.

Inverter AC from Panasonic – picture are courtesy of

What is Inverter AC?

Given the standard AC less effective performance, the experts wanted to make better air conditioner with lower electrical power consumption. The solution is simple: find the best technology which allow air conditioner to maintain temperature without the need to turn on and shut off the machine again and again. Inverter AC was made to answer that needs.

Inverter AC advantages

  • Energy saving. Inverter AC only use 60-70% from standard AC’s electrical usage
  • Lower temperature fluctuations rate
  • Quickly reach the desired temperature

Inverter AC from brand Daikin – picture courtesy of

How to Care for Your Inverter AC

  1. Avoid setting temperature below 20 degrees Celsius
  2. Make sure that the outdoor part of your air conditioner unexposed from direct sunlight, dust, and rain
  3. Better insulation = more durable air conditioner. You can start by reducing the room openings (windows, doors) when the AC was turned on
  4. Regular maintenance between 3-5 months

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