E-Commerce Focusing Development on UKM

Mr. Rudiantara, Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics, delivering keynote speech at the event “Post-MEA Digital Economic Transformation”

Jakarta, Kominfo – Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics, Mr. Rudiantara, affirmed that UKM (Usaha Kecil Menengah – Small, Medium Enterprise) becoming the main focus of Indonesia’s E-Commerce Development. “As of today, there are nearly 57 million UKM, Kominfo and Ministry of UKM’s Cooperative will together implement the program for UKM, that is a development program for UKM,” Mr. Rudiantara said during the opening ceremony of The 2016 Technology Summit, Jakarta, Thursday (06/16/2016)

Also, during the opening ceremony of event “Post-MEA Digital Economic Transformation”, Mr. Rudiantara expressed his full support for UKM using digital technology to double its growth potency. “With much consideration of Mckenzie’s research which show us that digitalized UKM will raise its growth potency up to two times, also Deloitte’s theory that provides the calculation of UKM increasing productivity percentage-as the effect of digitalization,” said Mr Rudiantara.

Mr. Rudiantara described that in 2014, Indonesian e-commerce could only reap $14 Billion benefits, but it was estimated that it would reach $130 Billion in the year 2020. “This is achievable. People nowadays don’t need the help of travel agent to book a flight, or use voucher to reserve a room at the hotel–99% would already choose e-commerce over other options,” he said.

However, the minister also made point about the need of Indonesian hard work to reach the $130 Billion achievement. “Our government has prepared an E-Commerce Road Map which addressed 7 issues, such as : funding, tax, consumer protection, cyber security, communication infrastructure, logistic, education and human resource,” he described.

The event which attended by business people and business development observer, was hosted by Mr. Harjanto who currently serves as the Principal of Bina Nusantara University, Prabowo Johanes Soetikno as the President Director of PT Valbury Asia Securities, and Christianto Wibisono, the Founder and Chairman of Indonesian Business Data Center (Pusat Data Bisnis Indonesia – PDBI). Mr Rudiantara as Indonesian Minister of Communication and Informatics also there to witnessed the signing and launching of Klik Tukang application. (dps)


Published on Thursday, June 17 2016

News source : https://kominfo.go.id/content/detail/7686/ukm-menjadi-fokus-pengembangan-e-commerce/0/berita_satker

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