Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day

71 years ago, a group of revolutionaries declared Indonesia’s independence on August 17, 1945. Since then, the date has been marked as one of the most celebrated Indonesian holiday of the year. Community gatherings are held, children and adults participate in local activity events, there’s also parades and performing arts showing Indonesian cultural diversity.
People’s excitement is usually high during this time. The country’s festive mood lasted for nearly the whole August month. Malls and high-rise buildings around town were decorated with large red-white banners, government offices and the country’s institutions display Indonesian flag in front of their property, even small suburban houses were adorned with colorful lighted designs.
As one of Indonesian-based startup companies, Klik Tukang decided to join the festivities. We’re setting booths at various events around the town, introducing ourselves to the community, and providing free vouchers for anyone who needs repair service : from jammed lock fixing, pipe maintenance, also AC and electronic appliances repairs.

Klik Tukang team at Pesona Kreatif Indonesia, Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Jakarta. August 2 – August 5 2016.

Klik Tukang team at Gebyar Bazaar Merdeka, West Jakarta Mayor Office. August 3 – August 5 2016.

Klik Tukang participating in Bazaar Merdeka, Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, Jakarta, August 3 – August 5 2016

As you can see, August is probably our busiest month, so far. But three events in a row is nothing compare to our customer’s satisfaction. So here’s list of our upcoming events :

Klik Tukang di Gebyar Bazaar Merdeka dan Kemerdekaan Produk Nusantara

Every connections starts with a hello. So feel free to visit Klik Tukang’s booths at the listed locations and don’t forget to get our free vouchers. Klik Tukang app is available on Google Play and App Store. Klik Tukang : Search for Tukang in just a few Kliks.

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